Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Natural

What better way to end a day/night of baseball and food then at Fountain Square with Robert Redford (yum) and The Natural.



T-Mogul and P. Rindy


Which one, Dan or the helmet sundae? YOU decide.

Kari Gets Some

Helmet Sundae Bar - xoxoxoxox!!!!

Honey Moon

omgGunShow - Ow!


Super Fan

Rock Bottom

Shockingly the hotdog didn't make me sick yesterday... Could this be another snack omgHelmetSundae adds to her list of faves? Stay tuned for the exciting answer!


I ate every single chip.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Best Email Ever

omgReds is getting the party started on Saturday. Ow!


Finally, Brandon Phillips Bobblehead night is upon us! I've talked with
most of you all about plans on Saturday, but here's where we lay it all

Timeline / Events
3:00 - Meet downtown at Park Place @ Lytle (our building)
Most of you have been to our guest parking in the back. We'll have passes for you to park there for the evening (free!). If you have not been down, just let me know and I'll get you directions

3:15 - Off to GABP
We'll make sure we have everyone and stroll over the the ballpark.

3:55 - First pitch
Odd game time, isn't it? I double checked... Don't worry.

4:45 - Eat foodz at ballpark (omgHelmetSundae editorial note: OW!)
Well, we can do this anytime, really. Or, you don't have to eat, that's up
to you. Just putting it in the schedule.

6:44ish - Ballgame over!
Red win! Brandon Phillips hits for the cycle!

6:51ish - Head back to PP@L
Stroll back to the condo.

7:13ish - PP@L Roof
We'll have some drinks (adult & otherwise) and helmet sundaes (yum) on the roof of our building (pretty view). Hopefully it will be a nice night. 40% chance of showers right now... But who knows by then.

Oh... fun toppings for your sundaes will be available. Holla! (omgHelmetSundae editorial note: HOLLA!)

So... How does that sound? Let me know for sure that you are in. I'll be
buying tickets for everyone towards the end of the week (Thrusday?). I
figure that we'll just get some inexpensive seats in the "view level"
since it's a premium priced game. Looks like those tickets are $19/seat.

(omgHelmetSundae editorial note: Omg is DEF in, and it all sound fab.)

If you have any questions, just let me know!