Monday, April 28, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Even Pediatricians Agree!

Helmet Sundaes are delicious. And healthy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Legend's Field

Tonight the Tall Drink of Water, his brother and I went to George Steinbrenner stadium in Tampa to watch the Tampa Yankees take-on the Lakeland Flying Tigers.

I gotta say, it was pretty awesome. We sat behind the dugout so the boys could potentially catch fly-balls (they didn't) and so omgHelmetSundae could check out the strapping young players (she did).

The weather was beautiful, the moon was full and though there were no helmet sundaes to be had (outrage!), it was fun to watch big league hopefuls take the field. Watching talented young athletes is one of my favorite things to do, and it somehow seemed more pure than watching the Reds.

Besides that, I thought they played better ball the most of the Reds, but that's just me.

Anyway, couldn't tell ya who won. I ended up rooting for both teams at various points (why pick one when there are two?!) but I think TDW (or his brother) at one point said there was a great "pitcher's duel" happening, so maybe no one scored.

"It was nastiest burger I've tasted. I seriously wanted to spit it as soon as I took a bite." TDW

TDW took one bite, his brother, to confirm the burger's nastiness, took the other bite. Hence the weird bite pattern here.

I had nachos with double cheese and lots of jalepenos. Yum. What Legend's Field lacks in helmet sundaes it makes up for in mucho nachos and jalepenos.

Yankees pitcher mowin' 'em down under a full moon.

Friday, April 18, 2008

And We Lost. Again.

But who cares, because the most hilarious thing ever happened.

It was singles night or college night or Chipotle fan-a-thon night or something or other, so everyone was pretty raucous.

Sometime during the 7th inning a hotdog came flying down from the seats above us and hurtled its way over the edge of the upper-deck. I'd love to see the look on the person's face who's lap it landed on down there.

Then the group of people behind the Hogdog Incident of '08 were screaming, "This is an outrage! A hotdog has gone over the edge! Who did this?! Dear God, someone threw a hotdog!"

About 10 minutes later security threw the hotdog thrower out of the game. He was laughing and his friends were yelling, "Finally you caught him! Justice to the hotdog has been served!"

It was pretty funny. omgHelmetSundae is not in favor of throwing delicious ballpark snacks, unless of course it's a hotdog, then it's hilarious.


Hello moon.

Oh the shame. I love it that they make the grounds crew do the YMCA.

I see you super pretzel.

Why? (It's hard to see but that's a tattoo of Tweety bird winking.)

Thanks for the first guest post KHud! Ow!

OMG - guest post?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nacho News

On Opening Day omgHelmetSundae reported there were some new nachos in town, a packaged variety without jalepenos and ladles of cheese. There was worry in the Ballpark.

But today we can confirm that the packaged nachos are not the only nacho option. The big chips, pools of cheese and salsa and jalepenos in a plastic bin are still available and at many concession stands.


And This One Belongs to the Reds

And the sunshine.

True love.

Cheese knee - job hazard.

Not Content With Just Lemon?

Lemon chills now come in watermelon and strawberry! So I guess that makes them watermelon and strawberry chills.

omgHelmetSundae promises to do a full taste test on these new flavors a-sap.