Monday, March 3, 2008

Somewhere, A Helmet is Lonely and Crying

Some things just make omg HelmetSundae sad, like this photo of ballpark ice-cream without a helmet home to live in.

Though we are omgReds' rival blog, we feel bad for Dan for having to eat this ice-cream without a helmet. It just ain't right.

But otherwise Dan looks to be having a good time.

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Dan said...

So, here's "Da Scoop"...

Ed Smith DOES have helmets... but they are only available at the damn Dippin' Dots cart (in background). So, for at least $3 more than my ice cream in a cup, you can wrangle yourself a helmet full of Dippin' Dots. Dots aren't too bad, but as we all know, it's just not the same as an old fashioned helmet sundae.

Bonus: the lady that got me the ice cream charged me $1 less than she should have. We didn't realize until we were walking away. Even without the helmet, I felt I came out ahead.