Monday, May 11, 2009

omg is BACK!

Ball park snackin' was out of control yesterday you guys - hot dogs (didn't I swear I'd never eat another GABP hot dog? I was mistaken!), nachos (extra jalapenos, please), peanuts aaaaand helmet sundaes!

Did you know Great American Ballpark was giving out free sunburns yesterday, too? Oh yes, sundae fans! Who needs some vitamin D?

omgHelmetSundae considered going to Saturday night's game for Joey Votto bobblehead night, but then we were all, "Waiting in extra long bobblehead lines for sundaes?! NO WAY."

Saturday was played out. Sunday was where it's at.

And thanks to omgHelmetSundae's super cool Reds insider friend Lance we had stellar seats, and more money to spend on food!


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